We have Sip Spindle Moulder, Dewalt Bandsaw and Axminster Lathe (all second hand) left in stock. You can use our Make An Offer feature in product description. Dismiss

Make an offer

Make an offer @ JoineryFXTools

All products in the catalogue that have “Make an offer” in the product description are eligible for this feature.

How it works:

When you click on the link your email program will open a compose window with:

Email to: joineryfxtools@geniusmx.com

Subject: ProductID:[PRODUCT_SKU]

Message: “I would like to make an offer including delivery of: £”

You can also send your offer to our gmail address: joineryfxtools@gmail.com

  • The benefit of the offer is you are including delivery cost in your offer, so the price you offer is the total price you pay.
  • We will pay the delivery cost out of your offer amount and ship to any address worldwide.
  • We will pay the customs duty where applicable.
  • Your offer is valid for 5 days.
  • After 5 days we will inform you if your offer is acceptable and ask for your invoice address, shipping address and payment.
  • You can pay by card, cheque or PayPal at: https://pay.geniusmx.com/payjoineryfx.
  • The item will be removed from the catalogue, or number available reduced accordingly.
  • We will send the item within 5 days.
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