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Antique Vermont Coffin Clock



Width: 9 inches

Depth: 4 inches

Height: 24 inches


Red Pine

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This coffin clock, sometimes referred to as a box clock, is a scaled down copy of an antique clock. The original was built by Levi Pitkin of Vermont around 1800. It was very large at over 45 inches high and had an eight-day, weight-driven movement and a hand-painted, wooden dial face.

This clock has the same proportions but is scaled down to 24 inches high for the smaller homes of today. This version uses a modern quartz movement with a 16 inch long pendulum. The clock is nothing more than a simple box with a lid.


The clock has mitred corners, the door is a solid panel with grooved top and bottom rail. 2mm clear glass is fitted in the door before it is shipped. Through the bottom hole in the door the pendulum can be seen.


The clock has a stained Light Oak exterior, Jacobean Oak interior and is lacquered with a satin finish.

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