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Elm Contemporary Coffee Table


Elm Contemporary Coffee Table

Made from Elm, sourced from local managed wood. (With a small amount of Oak)

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This table started off as an ornate coffee table with two block legs and shelves with door fronts. I changed my mind after planing all the wood, as I had not selected enough. Looking at the pieces I re-thought a concept table as seen above.



Length: 1200mm (4 feet)

Width: 900mm (3 feet)

Height: 450mm (18 inches)



Scottish Elm and Oak



The top was sliced into 100mm boards and dressed, then glued and bolted together again using galvanized threaded rod and lock nuts. It was then sanded flat and the wany edges were cleaned and sanded.

The lower shelf was formed from debarked and rounded slats which morticed into the legs.

The legs are splayed and the top of the legs are morticed into the top. To finish off the joints two wedges in the form of a cross were inserted into the ends of all the tenons.



The whole table was coated in liberal coats of Linseed Oil.



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