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SECOND HAND SIP Professional Spindle Moulder 01456


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SECOND HAND SIP Professional Spindle Moulder

The SIP Professional Spindle Moulder has a large cast iron table with tilting spindle, 4 working speeds, and a heavy-duty fence and clamping system for higher accuracy and safer operation.

  • 230v (16amp) input supply
  • 2.8kW (3.75hp) induction motor
  • -10° to +30° spindle tilting angle
  • 200mm set table opening aperture
  • 710 x 640mm overall table dimensions
  • Low speed for use with sanding bobbin
  • Pre-drilled table to accept a power unit
  • 4 speeds; 1800/3000/6000/9000rpm
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Integrated NVR switch

NOTE: This machine does NOT include the SIP Sliding Carriage (01457), which is sold separately.

*** We have a selection of cutting heads in our tools section.

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