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Shaker Wall Clock



Width: 14 inches

Depth: 4 inches

Height: 36 inches


Red pine

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A religious sect who started in England around 1706 and became known as Shakers due to their quivering  and shaking during their meetings, believed their furniture was originally designed in heaven. Thus, they tried to make their furniture perfect and free from blemishes.

By 1840 there were about twenty colonies in the United States. Shakers became well known for their fine furniture and products. The Shaker elders were allowed to carry timepieces, but for everyone else such watches were considered an indulgence. Clocks however, were indispensable and did not have the restrictions watches had.

There were only a few clock makers and one of the most famous was Isaac Benjamin Youngs (1793-1865). Although Isaac built tall case clocks, his most well known clock is this relatively small wall clock. Isaac Youngs was not afraid to experiment and to try innovative ideas. This clock is a copy of a clock Isaac Youngs completed in May 1840 when he was 47.


The clock case has half-lapped corners, mortice and tenon doors rebated for 2mm clear glass. The clock uses a modern quartz movement with a 16 inch long pendulum.


The clock has been stained with Light Oak outside with Jacobean Oak interior and lacquered with a satin finish.

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